Shaanxi four-dimensional weighing apparatus technology co., LTD was founded in 1992, is China's manufacturing backbone enterprises, vice President of China association of weighing apparatus unit, high and new technology manufacturing highway automatic scale The highway operation enterprise, the vehicle type weighing technology, the company gross assets 120 million yuan, annual output value of 150 million yuan.In the field of highway weighing technology, undertakes the six national torch program and national key new product project;And undertake a number of major science and technology industrialization of shaanxi province and shaanxi province key research projects, weighing
apparatus industry in China is one of the most innovative ability of enterprises So let's near shaanxi four-dimensional weighing apparatus technology co., LTD., to appreciate the innovation of its development.Contribute to the social value of the source of innovation.Innovation is the source of the life of the enterprise, the power source, is a booster.In the face of increasingly fierce market competition, the enterprise to be in an impregnable position, should maintain and enhance their core competitiveness, and the source of core competitiveness is innovation.Highway 2003 implementation of charge weight to the front of the vehicle type weighing technology in 2009, the widely used.....【More】



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