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Overrun detection digital remote monitoring system


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According to "People's Republic of China Highway Law", in order to strengthen the management of the overloading of transport vehicles, the protection of national highway property, further management, organize and regulate the road transport market economic order, in line with the implementation of economic instruments to limit vehicles and combination of administrative measures management principles, and ultimately achieve the purpose of non-load transportation, control overloading on the Freeway and large bridges generated operational safety, I am in the original automatic overrun detection system based on the increase of digital remote monitoring system, design a new overrun detection remote monitoring system. The system includes a digital remote monitoring systems and automatic vehicle detection system, is involved in various grade highways detection and monitoring. Its purpose is installed in highway junction, can be detected in real time by monitoring whether the vehicle overweight.

How it works:

1) The digital remote monitoring alarm

2) data transmission and automatic vehicle detection

Overrun detection remote monitoring system, the number of axes, weight, and the information is transmitted to the computer, the computer according to the national criteria for judging, if the car will automatically print the weighing gauge single, sound and light alarm to alert drivers and law enforcement officers overrun car .


1) real-time monitoring screen superimposed on the detected vehicle information and overrun video alarm. Vehicle information can be seen intuitively easy monitoring personnel to identify whether the vehicle is detected overrun realized fully automatic testing of vehicles and law enforcement personnel to monitor effectively improve the detection efficiency, security and supervision of the rule over the work norm.

2) monitoring center voice monitoring, effective supervision and standardize the law enforcement process.

3) ATIS: automatic weighing single print. Strong reducing detection time, improve the detection efficiency.

4) information management function.

5) Remote data monitoring networking.