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ZCS series of road transport vehicles weighing toll system


Product Details

Highway toll system weight is provided in the WIM through the toll lane highway exit (entrance) front end of the vehicle separation, identification, and vehicle axle detection system system settings, and lane toll systems to communicate, form a complete weight of vehicle traffic Calculation vehicle tolls management system.

ZCS series of road transport vehicle weight fees system mainly by dynamic weighing subsystem, the vehicle identification subsystem axle, vehicle separation subsystems to vehicle weight data collection, vehicle separation and the type of information through data processing control subsystems, integrated into a complete The vehicle weighing data packet sent to charge computer, a complete system for vehicle tolls charged by the weight in accordance with relevant state regulations. The system is overrun road and highway transport vehicles to provide overload management and weight charges a reliable means to provide reliable scientific basis for the highway management department site enforcement, and thus more fair, reasonable, and effective management of scientific and limit overrun Transport damage vehicles on the roads, traffic safety and to protect people's life and property safety of the road.

Product innovation:

a, exclusive use of ultra high-speed A / D data acquisition channels, and IPC composition data acquisition and processing system, to overcome the weighing instrument during dynamic weighing sampling rate is low, slow process of data shortcomings, is conducive to dynamic weighing sampling instant data processing, thus greatly improving the accuracy of dynamic weighing. When the experiment detection, balancing speed of 30km / h still weighed accurately

b, software applications and data smoothing fuzzy mathematical theory theory, the mathematical model of the weight smoothing correction signal acquisition and digital filtering. Multiple sets of data collected by multiple linear correction to improve the accuracy of the weighing. Because the vehicle is traveling in the load distribution for each axis value is changed, even if the value of accurate measurement of the change, the cumulative result of the actual weight of the vehicle has a large error. Therefore, we must take advantage of fuzzy mathematical theory of the detected vehicle more coupling mathematical model, obtained through a lot of experiments more precise correction factor linearity correction to the weighing result.

c, to establish a diversified linear and nonlinear regression analysis module, to solve the speed dynamic weighing in vehicle acceleration data for weighing the impact. Vehicle speed, acceleration changes for shock and vibration generated by the scale body, so that by the force sensor situation becomes very complicated, it is one of the important causes of weighing errors. Analysis of vehicle speed, acceleration and weighing accuracy relationship, regression model and parameter estimation, using software algorithms for system expansion error to be amended, in the case of an unstable speed improves system accuracy.

d, system software and highway systems management software to seamlessly link monitoring software dynamic link library can be automatically registered to highway management system it can be called directly. Stable operation of the dynamic link library on Windows, Linux operating system, and stable operation is normally invoked at Delphi, VC and other locales.

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