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Adhering to the "sincere letter to service the community, dedication to customer satisfaction," the aim of "technological innovation, excellence, the heart of the customer, continuous improvement," the quality, four-dimensional on product quality, service to the majority of customers to make the following commitments:

1, after signing the contract, the company provides complete technical information (including equipment management system diagram, equipment installation diagram, the product manual, the main component parts manual, equipment installation and foundation drawings, electrical connection diagram, weighing management software and interface to the user Information)

2, the product sales of the company responsible for directing the installation, free training operators. Training: architecture equipment, working principle, initialization and fault diagnosis, localization skills, master the use of common operations command, the installation of a system failure recovery method and device testing, routine maintenance and maintenance methods.

3, the company equipment from the installation, commissioning, inspection test, in the warranty period, the equipment due to manufacturing quality problems, the company free warranty or replacement.

4, after the warranty expires, the company provides lifelong maintenance of the equipment, which costs only the fees collected.

5, a specialized service agencies. Service Department and the Office of the tender perennial with product-related spare parts, leaving the company with a Certificate of Attorney and professional and technical maintenance staff. (Xi'an has offices, service hotline: 029-86530422)

6, after-sales service technician or company offices carry out regular visits to the user system. Investigate and solve difficult problems that exist in the use of time for users to free software upgrades, free training for operators and maintenance personnel.

7, the company service department or office repairs after receiving the user information, to respond within two hours to answer questions; for operating personnel can not rule out equipment failure, within 12 hours to send technical personnel to the scene, 24 hours to solve the problem.

8, onsite service personnel treat customers' enthusiasm to work due diligence. Service users for any reason to make things difficult, not to mention unreasonable demands outside of work and so on. Any violation, the company once found or there are consumer complaints, will be the relevant provisions dealt with severely.