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President speech

CEO: Mr. Wang Jianjun

Passage of time, Fruitful.

After two years of a four-dimensional instrument development, has been turned into the pioneering period of growth and development to achieve a road dynamic automatic weighing a major breakthrough in technology, among the vanguard of the column industry, bringing together hundreds of employees, business assets and both the yuan in output value, and are achieving rapid breakthrough. More than twenty years of hard work, tireless, which flows much hard work, how much to pay little-known efforts ......

Start a business, a lot of emotion. I doubt age, a lot of time is spent in the reading, learning, always believed that reading and learning is a happy thing, adolescence had many dreams, ideals. Reading and study, thinkers, engineers, writers ...... early days all the time and energy are used in the work, at this stage can spare some time to think, to pursue early dreams, engage in a little culture. In order to explore "Four-dimensional culture, four-dimensional spirit", and gradually form the core values of the company's patents and core values bedding cornerstone to achieve four-dimensional instrument of "special" and "strong."

This platform by the site to communicate with the world and all my colleagues, experts, friends, learn.

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